Points To Consider While Buying Whitetail Deer

Points To Consider While Buying Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer are one of the favorite targets of hunters. I mean, who wouldn’t go for a whitetail? Their thick antlers, energetic activity, tastiest meat & adventure filled chasing attract every hunter towards them. Apart from hunting whitetails, people even opt for whitetail farming on their property for personal reasons. But getting superior quality whitetails for sale is no joke. If one wants to buy a whitetail, what are the points to be considered while buying whitetail deer?

1. Why breed whitetails?

The first and foremost question which needs to be answered is: Why buy and breed whitetails? Whitetail deers have a huge market in the US. And this is one of the enormously growing industries in recent times. You can start deer farming to sell your whitetails to ranches or breed them for meat or keep them on your private property for hunting.

2. What's the matter with choosing superior quality genetics?

I have often seen customers demanding whitetails with pure bloodlines or superior genetics. I always had a question in my mind: why is this being stressed so much? Hunters love whitetails for their thick & giant antlers. Antler’s development does require nutrient-rich food. But along with food, even the genetics of animals plays a vital role in their overall development. In the case of antlers, superior quality genetics ensures having long & thick antlers, which is expected from whitetails. Apart from this, various other factors like disease resistance, meat quality, skin quality are also impacted by the genes. But sadly there are no specific characteristics or cues from which one can confirm the genetics. The only way out of this is a genetic test which might turn expensive or you just need to trust the seller and your instincts.

3. Check for Covid & Other Infections

Everyone is aware that not just humans; but even animals are getting affected by the Coronavirus. Many whitetails have got infected and died due to this deadly virus. It is always advisable to get your animal tested or at least verify the reports to avoid any inconvenience. There are special centers that exclusively function for animal testing. Because prevention is better than cure!
Apart from Covid, there are other whitetail diseases that you need to be aware of before buying a whitetail. Chronic wasting disease, Bovine tuberculosis, Parasitic infections are some of the commonly seen infections in whitetails. Check the symptoms and health status of the animal before buying.

4. Transportation

Any vehicle which has huge space and can accommodate the deer comfortably should be good enough. But the key points to be considered here are –
  1. Categorize the animals into groups. Transporting vehicles are prone to have sharp edges. Make sure the walls and floors don't have any sharp protrusions to avoid injuries, have enough space for the animals to rest in their compartments, and bed the floors with hay and sand.
  2. In case of transporting them to distant places, prepare the requirements to feed them with enough water and food.
  3. Last but not the least, you need loads of patience while unloading the herd. Let the animals unload themselves at their pace and comfort.

5. Habitat provision from your end

I have seen a lot of amateur deer farmers buying deer for farming and ending up suffocating the herd at their place. Like humans, even they need specific habitats to grow and flourish. Imagine a forest, it has a diverse habitat like -grasslands, deciduous, shrubs area, etc providing an ideal condition for whitetails to expand. Similarly, even you need to plan your habitat for whitetails. Avoid monotonous habitat and create more edges. Edges are the place where two habitats meet. Define water spaces and access points to track your whitetail movements in a better way.

Once you tick off these points, you can surely proceed to buy your whitetail deer. We at Bucktrader sell quality whitetail deers for sale satisfying your demands, following the Covid protocols. Hurry up before the herd is sold off!

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