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Growing up to 8ft tall and weigh 600lbs, Wildebeest thrive on grazing grasses and arid terrain. Wildebeest work well in groups and get along with Zebras  and other grazing animals. Males and Females hit sexual maturity around 28 months or shorter in captivity. Wildebeest can be kept in a high fenced area with wide open pastures with plenty of sweet grasses, plenty of water and feed supplement to assist in horn growth and strength.

BuckTrader has a large group of Wildebeest males and females of all ages and sizes available for sale! Our expert team offers handling and delivery so you can rest easy that your animals will be happy and healthy when being introduced to your ranch.

Blue Wildebeest Males: Starting at $6,750

Blue Wildebeest Females: Starting at $7,750 


Price for animals and delivery subject to change. Contact us today!

Starting at $6,750


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