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Drone service (940 × 788 px) (700 × 400 px)

Cervid Complete Feed

Cervid Complete Feed was developed from 20 plus years of deer and exotic management practices. Our research and experience with our own breeding operations has allowed us to perfect common feed practices to produce the best Feed Rations on the market for Whitetail and exotic hoof stock.

What makes Cervid Complete Feed Better than the rest?

  • Our feed is formulated to be the best on the market, focusing on nutritional needs of the deer and rather than on mass production.
  • High inclusion rate of unprocessed feed ingredients.
  • Elevated fat content.
  • We use highly utilized organic mineral packs.

What are the benefits to choosing Cervid Complete Feed?

  • Well-Conditioned Fat Animals
  • Enhanced Antler Development
  • Increased Fawn Crops
  • Earlier Maturing in Animals
  • Lower Mortality Rates

Cervid Complete is more than just feed. We are a dedicated team willing to go the extra mile to increase the health and bounty of your deer and exotic herd, while giving you the best customer service the industry has to offer.

All our specialty blended feeds come with a unique coating of vitamin infused oil and organic minerals. Check out our products below to find the best feed for your herd.

  • Buck Builder: A premium blend of high energy protein pellets, roasted soybeans, whole cottonseed, oats and corn to maximize the genetic potential of your deer. Designed to be fed free choice through a free flow protein feeder or timed protein feeder. Expect your herd to be healthier, better conditioned, with better antler development, and produce better fawn crops.


  • Conditioner: The perfect supplement for pen animals, combining a unique blend that is 100% unprocessed grains, beans and seeds. Conditioner helps your animals adapt better to the natural environment by providing more unprocessed feed in the animals diet, encouraging rumen function. This helps the rumen condition to break down native forages once the animals are liberated. This blend is intended to be hand fed or put through a timed feeder.


  • Fawn Starter: This high fat and protein supplement is designed for fawns in breeding facilities. Fawn Starter is a milled feed, intended to be fed through a "creep" style feeder, allowing only the fawns to access and not adult animals. The combination of Fawn Starter's roasted soybean, black-eyed peas, peanuts, oats, and corn along with mother's milk, will promote early growth and development.



  • Grower: Developed for pen raised animals with multiple benefits. Using a concentrated blend of high energy protein pellets, black-eyed peas, peanuts, roasted soy beans, oats and corn. Grower is meant to feed fawns after being weaned up through 2 years old. This will help maximize their genetic potential and promote early maturity. Grower can also be given to does in spring to meet calorie requirements for lactating, and raising healthy fawns. This ration works best with a free flow feeder, timed protein feeder or hand fed.



  • Breeder Plus:  This breeding season formula is a blend of protein pellets, black-eyed peas, whole oats and corn that are perfect for pen raised deer. The low protein levels in Breeder Plus help enhance fertility. Breeder plus is intended to be hand fed, put through a free flow protein feeder, or a timed protein feeder.


  • Booner Bait: Attract and hold deer on your property during hunting season. Booner Bait is a perfect blend  designed to feed through a corn "spin" feeder. Give your animals a little extra fat and protein to get through winter, help recover from rut, and get a head start for the next growing season with a blend of whole grains, roasted soy beans, black-eyed peas, and protein.


Want Cervid Complete feeds in your pens today? Contact Cervid Complete to get your order in and start feeding your deer herd right!

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