Blesbok Cow
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Blesbok Cow


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Blesbok is a medium-sized antelope species native to South Africa. They have a distinctive white face and a prominent white blaze running from their forehead to the tip of their nose, which gives them their name (bles means "blaze" in Afrikaans). The rest of their body is a light to reddish-brown color. Both males (rams) and females (ewes) have horns, but those of the rams are typically thicker and more curved. Blesbok's have been successfully reintroduced to other parts of the country and even some private game reserves. They are social animals and form herds consisting of females, young, and a dominant male. They are primarily grazers, feeding on grasses and occasionally browsing on leaves and shoots. Blesboks are active during the day and tend to rest and seek shade during the hottest parts of the day.

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