How Do I Start A Deer Farming Business?

How Do I Start A Deer Farming Business?

What Is The Best Way To Get Started In The Deer Farming Business?

Deer farming is one of the upcoming fields having the potential market in Texas. And breeders have a range of options in deer farming like Elk, Reindeer, Axis deer, and Whitetails. As we are aware that deer are herbivores, and their maintenance is similar to that of other domesticated animals. Deer meat has a huge demand in the market because of its high protein and low-fat meat. The market is also very lucrative for deer meat, antlers, and other deer products.

Do Extensive Research

Before starting any business, it is essential to know in and out about the field. It will also help you decide on your services, understand consumer needs, and for the right planning. Study about the animal. Know what are the prerequisites for starting a deer farm? What are all the amenities required? What is the minimum area requirement?

Set Up A Business Plan For Your Farm

Before getting into the industry, weigh the pros and cons. Plan the farm and the facilities, Management and Operations Strategy, Fence The Land, Build Shelter For Deer, etc. There are numerous things involved while planning for livestock management and breeding.

Get A License And Permits

If you plan to start deer farming, the first and foremost thing to be checked is, does your state permit deer farming? Many states consider deer farming to be illegal. If deer farming is legal in your state, check the prerequisites for the licensing and other documents which need to be submitted. Government demands additional permits and licenses for deer farming because the animal is native to the wild. To ensure that the progenies don’t get stolen from the wild. It is necessary to obtain a special permit if you plan on transporting a deer from one place to another. For ex -In Texas requires a Deer breeder permit, Deer management permits are required to breed whitetail and mule deer.

Find The Perfect Location.

This is the most important step in starting a deer farm. It will determine whether or not the property is suitable for your purpose and what type of fencing and fencing materials will be required on the site. If you have an idea of where you would like to set up your operation, start looking for land there now. You may want to contact local zoning authorities or real estate agents to see if there are any restrictions or permits that might be needed for setting up a deer farm or other type of animal farm on that property.

Determine Your Resources And Size

The next step is to calculate how many animals you can support with your resources, equipment and manpower at this location. If you do not have enough room for all of them, then consider buying smaller enclosures that can house only one or two bucks each. However, if space is available, then it becomes more economical to build larger enclosures that can hold more bucks at one time without having to worry about overcrowding them within their own pens. Also, consider the point that you have enough resources to manage the herd? The size of the herd that can be managed in your area is some of the points you need to pay heed to.

Consider Buyer's Preference

Every buyer has different preferences when it comes to buying animals or supplies for their farms, so it’s important to take note of those preferences when designing and building out your operation. While conducting market research and studying the market, you can understand the demand and supply of the animal. Try to understand the buyer’s preference and then hop on to selecting your deer species.

Choose A Reliable Breeder

The next step is finding a reliable livestock seller near you to provide you with deer for sale. If you want to ensure that your livestock is of superior quality, you need to take this step into consideration when purchasing them. Despite the widespread availability of offline options, nowadays, you can also find services online. Because online sites have made buying and selling livestock easier and faster than offline purchasing.

Develop A Feeding System

When looking at places where deer might live, consider their preference for habitat type and the overall layout of the land they live on. For instance, if they prefer smaller areas with lots of trees and shrubs, it is going to be the perfect place for your farm since they will have plenty of room within their range to move around without feeling cramped or crowded anywhere else around their home base area. On average, a deer feeds 5 -6 times a day. Set up a stall with enough space for them to move around. Provide Enough Feed And Water. Formulated deer feeds are available in the market to enhance their growth and meet their nutritional requirements.

Provide Veterinary Care

Animals are prone to attract infections. Especially, if they are domesticated, maintaining their hygiene becomes your priority. Unclean stalls can be an invite to bacteria and can cause some serious infections.

How To Sell My Deer To Potential Customers?

Gaining the attention of your potential customer in this digital age is no joke. To help the newbies online platforms are available in Texas to sell your starter groups at an affordable rate to the customers. Of course, you can get connected with the customers through the people working in the same field. But selling through the digital platforms could be a much easier option.
Deer farming is a serious business that requires a great amount of planning. However, it is also a rewarding experience. Do your research thoroughly with planning before you leap into the business.

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